Hurlevent - The Band


Like the traditional music of Quebec played with passion, HURLEVENT is a richmosaic of cultures, training and musical sensibilities. By joining forces, these experienced musicians recreatethe virtuosity and emotion of the province’s progressive folk movement. HURLEVENT offers a unique approach, creating arrangements that are both innovative and respectful of tradition, as well as original compositions. They leaven their hard-driving soulful music with flutes, fiddle, foot stomping, guitars, mandolin, bass and five strong voices that blend together to create a festive atmosphere tinged with melancholy.

Band Members

Mélanie Bergeron: flutes and choirs
Véronique Plasse: fiddle, lead vocal and choirs
Sébastien Deveau: guitar, mandolin, foot stomping, lead vocal and choirs
Maxime Gobeil: electric and acoustic bass plus choirs
Olivier Picard-Borduas: lead vocal, guitar, foot stomping and choirs


We’re bastards. We are “ramencheurs’ wealth. We are advocates of folklore alive and free expression of a changing background in blending. We take traditional music enhancement of our heritage and festive meeting. However, we dispossess its jargon and mind at the sugar shack. We give ourselves the right to make our music unique. We give ourselves the right to be contagious. Far from the idea of ​​snubbing purists of the genre, because they are our fathers and mark us an undeniable influence. We also need to grow with our influenceswithout a trace way of playing, not in order to guarantee independence, but integrity.Mischievous and feverish, we continue our insatiable quest for new fields of celebration ofliving folklore. The traditional movement must adapt to a young bearer of musical folkloreimmediate and open to the world. We are pleased to celebrate our roots!